Congo opposition candidate Katumbi vows to tackle Insecurity in militia-plagued east

Moise Katumbi, a presidential candidate in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has pledged to prioritize security and not abandon the residents of Goma amidst the escalating violence caused by militia groups in the region.

Speaking at a rally in Goma, Katumbi promised to tackle the issue of armed militia groups once and for all if he wins the upcoming election. “We shall tackle that problem once and for all,” Katumbi told the crowd in Goma, where there have been violent protests against a United Nations peacekeeping mission since 2022 spurred partly by complaints that it has failed to protect civilians.

Security is one of the key issues that voters will consider when choosing the next leader of Congo, a country that is the world’s top cobalt and fifth largest copper producer. Katumbi, a millionaire businessman and former governor of Katanga province, has also vowed not to touch his salary until North Kivu and Ituri are liberated from the violence.

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