Another Nigerian Has Emerged The Best Student Of The 2017 Set

Source: Our Correspondent Adebimpe during her speech at Rutgers

Adebimpe married with kids A Nigerian woman, Adebimpe Daniells, who is wife and mother has gone viral for emerging as overall best student in the 2017 graduating set of Rutgers University in America.

The hardworking student topped her class despite other priorities like her kids and husband. In her valedictory speech she mentioned she was a product of scholarships and that achieving the feat came with a lot of support from family, friends and community.

Nigerian wife and mother graduates with first class Bimpe graduated with First Class honours in Information System and emerged the best student of the 2017 graduating set.

Also chosen as the valedictorian, she gave a speech on behalf of her set during the convocation. She said: “I am saying this with all passion because I am a product of community aid. As a little girl who grew up in Lagos, Nigeria in Africa, I was born into the adventure of uncertainty and the grandeur of unrealistic aspirations of a low-income home in a gender-biased society.” “Although my father knew the importance of education, he could not afford to give all his children equal educational opportunity.

My education was put on hold for my brother’s, while I searched for alternative means of survival.”

“I persisted! I am fortunate to be here amongst you through scholarships, which would have been impossible if the community didn’t give back. In light of this, permit me to seize this opportunity to acknowledge the incredible support and help I got from my family, mentors and teachers. I honestly wish I could say all their names, but we would be here the whole day and am sure you wouldn’t want that.

My deepest gratitude goes to my parents, my husband and my children. This is your moment, too. I wouldn’t be on this stage without your help, love and support.”

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