Meet the Nigerian Sen.Tony Iwobi, First Black to be Elected as Senator in the History of Italy.

Remember “Stop Invasion?” Yes, that has always been Toni Iwobi of Spirano in Lombardy who belongs to the anti-immigration League now the first black to be elected in the history of the nation. Iwobi, announced “with great emotion” on his Facebook page that he had been elected to the senate in Italy’s general election.

Senator Toni Iwobi left with a Party official.

Toni Iwobi, 62, was born in Nigeria and went to  Italy as a student 40 years ago, he later married an Italian woman and established an IT business in his host country. He represented the League as a municipal councillor in Spirano back in the 1990s, and recently headed Salvini’s national committee on immigration.

In a report by Daily Sun, Toni Iwobi helped in written the “League’s anti-migration platform,” in which it proposed among other things to make it easier to deport migrants, to use economic incentives to get countries to agree to repatriate their nationals from Italy, to refuse to take in migrants rescued by NGOs from the Mediterranean, to renegotiate EU agreements that oblige Italy to house migrants that arrive here while their application to stay is processed, to threaten withdrawal of the right to seek asylum or benefits if migrants commit a crime or break the rules of the reception centre where they’re housed, and to stiffen existing requirements for the children of immigrants applying for citizenship to include a test on Italian “language, culture and traditions”.

He posted on his facebook page late hours of Tuesday, “Friends, it is with great emotion that I inform you that I was elected senator of the Republic! After over 25 years of battles in the great family of the league, it is about to start another great adventure! My thanks go to Matteo Salvini, a great leader who led the league to become the first centre-Centre force of the country! I have to thank then my National Secretary Paolo Grimoldi, my now former provincial secretary and new Congressman Daniele Belotti, the whole team of the department for work done over these years, the great league militants and all facebook friends for their support . I can’t forget my family, without them I wouldn’t have come here today because they never stopped supporting me and being close to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m ready, friends!” Toni wrote.

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