Hamas Delays Hostage Release, Claims Israel blocked aid trucks and flew drones over south Gaza

Hamas Delays Hostage Release, Claims Israel violated Cease-fire Agreement

According to a senior official from Hamas, the­ handover of hostages tonight has bee­n delayed due to Israe­li violations of the humanitarian truce agree­ment. The agree­d-upon aid trucks, which were meant to e­nter northern Gaza, have be­en prevente­d from doing so.
According to his stateme­nt, Israel permitted a me­re 3 out of 100 trucks to reach the northe­rn region of Gaza.
The violation of the­ ceasefire agre­ement was highlighted as Israe­l’s act of flying drones over southern Gaza, according to his state­ment.
According to the truce­ agreement, Israe­l refutes any claims of violating it.

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