Ugandan Citizens In Diaspora Can Now Apply For Dual Citizenship Outside The Country

PIC: Parliament Speaker Kadaga hands over the first dual citizenship certificate fully processed in the diaspora to Rosette Selwanga

The Dual citizenship has been provided for in the Ugandan constitution since 2009 following the enactment of the Uganda Citizenship and Immigration Control (Amendments) Act 2009. However, to attain it, Ugandans living abroad had to go through a rigorous process that required them to return home. Not anymore.

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga officially handed over the first dual citizenship certificate fully processed in the diaspora to Rosette Selwanga, a medical life support technician based in Boston, Massachusetts. Vision reports. 

This was on the opening day of the 29th Annual Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) convention on Friday at the luxurious InterContinental Hotel in Miami, Florida.

Dual citizenship in Uganda is the possession of citizenship of two countries at the same time, one of which is Uganda. The possession of a third citizenship disqualifies one from holding or being a dual national of Uganda unless the third citizenship is renounced.

Hundreds of Ugandans from North America and all over the world gathered at the three-day annual event, reportedly North America’s largest Ugandan social and business gathering. Amongst those in attendance were about 25 Members of Parliament as well as top officials from government agencies and businessmen from Kampala.

Godfrey Sasagah Wanzira, the director, immigration in the Ministry of Internal Affairs said they were responding to persistent appeals by Ugandans in the diaspora for government to make the process less cumbersome by bringing services closer to them.

“Although we have rolled out the services in other states, we have decided to take advantage of this big gathering of Ugandans from different parts of the world in one place, to provide this service in real time and issue certificates in two hours.”

He said although progress had been gradual, the team expected to have issued at least 200 certificates by the end of the three-day event, which concludes Sunday.


Anthony Namara, the commissioner, immigration in the Directorate of Citizenship and Passport Control in the internal affairs ministry, Uganda, said participants who are interested in acquiring the certificate of duo citizenship at the function were required to avail evidence of their former citizenship like a passport. 

He said they also needed to present a copy of their current citizenship of the other country, a notorised form and an oath of allegiance to Uganda. They were also required to pay $400.

The National Citizenship and Immigration Board accesses and approves the forms which are then signed by the director, immigration.

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