Two Journalists Detained For Covering Eviction Of A white Man’s Farm Land In Zimbabwe

A group of Youths  and suspected members of the Central Intelligence Organisation were also present during the eviction.

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According to a video credit to news24, the Workers at Lesbury Farm, about 26km west of Rusape, alleged that police fired live ammunition and teargas to disperse the labourers and villagers who had gathered at the farm in solidarity with Smart.

Some of the workers and villagers alleged that they were assaulted by the police, but no serious injuries were recorded.

News24  reported that the police officers and Zanu-PF youths ransacked Smart’s farmhouse before removing all the household property and throwing it on the roadside about 200m away.

One of the security guard on the video below explains that Mr Smart has been living here before they were born and he has been supporting them through their education. He also went on to appeal to the Government to return the land back to him while he blamed the black farm owners of not able to pay minimum wage to their labourers.

Chisasa said, “We were shocked when the police arrived and started to assault some of the farm workers and villagers using baton sticks. We do not want Smart to leave this farm because his family has been here since the 1930s. We see him as our brother and he has been spearheading all the development in this area, including using his own resources to repair the roads, building a school and ensuring that there are books in classes.”

It is reported that there was reporter and another freelance journalist Garikai Chaunza who were arrested upon arrival at the farmhouse where they intended to interview Smart and his family. They were detained for more than five hours at Rusape Police Station and released without charge after police deleted some videos and still pictures from their cameras. The villages alledged.

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