Stop Partisan Politics To Build Nigeria’s Democracy – Ex-President Obasanjo Urged Political Parties

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo has urged  both PDP and APC to stop partisan politics in order to make Nigeria’s democracy strong.
Photo former Nigeria president Obasanjo
He made the remark when he received PDP national chairmanship aspirants, Chief Raymond Dokpesi, at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library in Abeokuta on Saturday.
“I have also said that the two parties that are there, the All Progressive Congress (APC) in government and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the opposition side are both wobbling parties.
“I still believe that the two wobbling parties can still be made strong. They can.’’He said.
The former president made it clear once again that he was no longer interested in partisan politics in Nigeria.
According to Obasanjo, “there was no reason PDP should not have ruled Nigeria for 50 years as believed by some people, but the party caused its own problem.
“That has happened in some other countries like Germany, where a party runs the affairs of the county for decades, but of course, that is not the history in our own case.’’
He warned that those who destroyed the PDP were still in it and that they would not leave until the running of the party was taken over by determined, selfless, upright, and honest people.
“If we are just saying PDP has a crisis, which is self-made and that the Supreme Court had resolved the crisis for us, we are just deceiving ourselves.
“The Supreme Court has taken a right decision as an apex court should, but as a party, only that cannot help you to do it all.’’
Obasanjo hope that PDP get its national convention right.
“I had four PDP chairmen in eight years.
“So, I know what it takes to have a good or bad chairman for a party,’’ Obasanjo said.
“My advise to Dokpesi is to use his media assets well for the interest of the country to avoid and correct past mistakes.” Obasanjo advised
Photo Raymond Dokpesi,  Daar Communication Boss
Mr. Dokpesi said he was in Abeokuta to seek the prayer and blessings of Obasanjo in his ambition of becoming PDP national chairman.
“Anyone aspiring to be national chairman of PDP must consult with the former president.
“I am much aware that you are not interested in partiswan politics but you are the father of the nation.
“You are much committed to the unity, stability and continue the existence of this country.
“You have dedicated all your life to the building of this country.
“Therefore, anything that is good for this country is a matter of interest to you.” Dokpesi prayed Obasanjo.

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