Rubies MFB Digital Bank app, online banking crashes leaving customers stranded

Hundreds of Rubies Micro Finance Bank customers were left panicking since Monday 1st February, 2021 as the bank’s mobile app, USSD code and website were shut down due to a network downtime.

Rubies Micro Finance Bank confirmed this on twitter saying;

We are currently experiencing a network downtime with the central switch as such transfers are failing. We are really sorry to be holding you up today. Please know our team is working hard to get everything up and running and we will update you within 24hours.”

More than 48 hours after making an initial statement on twitter, the outage services still hadn’t been restored after 3 days, with some customers growing increasingly irritated online.

The issue is affecting Rubies Micro Finance Bank customers who on aren’t able to access funds, with some saying they couldn’t pay bills or pay school fees.

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