Raila Is Trying To Sabotage Election – Uhuru Says

The President and his Deputy William Ruto yesterday accused the main opposition candidate Raila Odinga of scheming to sabotage the August polls.

According to Star media, the President Speaking in towns along the way to Nyeri, they said the former Prime Minister and NASA were “erecting roadblocks” to the August 8 General Election because they face defeat and know it.

They said the opposition’s game plan is to delay polls and then push for a nusu mkate, or coalition, transitional government in which it would share power.

“Today he (Raila) went to court as part of his plot to block Kenyans from voting. Kenyans have a right to vote to choose their leaders,” Kenyatta told Karatina town residents.

However, Supreme Court Justice David Maraga yesterday said the judiciary will not make any decision that could lead to postponing the election.

Raila dismissed the oft-repeated and increasingly shrill accusations of sabotage, saying Kenyatta and Jubilee are panicked because it is they who have sensed defeat.

“If they they are winning, why are they panicking? The die is cast because Kenyans are determined to execute a revolution and nothing will stop them,” Raila said in Kitale.

Yesterday NASA made good its threat to seek an injunction stopping the printing of 120 million ballot papers, saying Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing company is in bed with the President. It wants the tender blocked and cancelled.

Today the High Court is currently on the NASA’s petition that challenged the controversial Sh2.5 billion tender to the Dubai-based firm.

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