Over 14,000 Victims Of Human Trafficking Have Arrived In Italy From Nigeria Since January To June 2017 – IOM

Enira Krdzalic, Chief of Mission, IOM, at the launch of the EU-IOM Initiative for Migrants Protection and Re-integration in Abuja, said Nigeria accounted for the main country of origin of migrants arriving in Italy with 14,118 migrants this year alone.

 She noted a significant percentage of migrants interviewed by IOM on their arrival in Italy were either victims of trafficking or other exploitative practices during their migratory journey along the routes of the central Mediterranean.

She said, the IOM has been working tirelessly to offer assistance and re-integration to stranded migrants from Nigeria and other African countries.

According to her, “Crossing the Mediterranean is by far the deadliest route, with 3,256 deaths recorded between January and July 2017, with about 136 deaths from sub-Saharan Africa.

“IOM statistics for 2016 and 2017 have also shown that stranded migrants from North African countries, Libya in particular, accounts for more than 90 percent of migrants provided with return assistance.

“Between January and June 2017, more than 1,800 Nigerian migrants stranded in Libya and Niger have been assisted to return to Nigeria by IOM.

“Many of these migrants are stuck in terrible detention facilities and desiring the opportunities to return home and re-unite with their families.

“The increasing number of migrants returning to Nigeria from North Africa, as well as increased number of irregular migrants arriving in Italy from Nigeria suggests an increasing trend of irregular migration from Nigeria and this calls for urgent actions to address the situation.”

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