Opposition Protesters Clashes With Police Continues In Kenya

Following the declaration of President Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner of the 2017 presidential election of Kenya, violent protests have broken out at the stronghold of the opposition stronghold, Raila Odinga.photo protesters in Kenya slum

At Kibera slum in Nairobi, and Kisumu County protesters are confronting police in violent protests. Gunshots are heard ringing out in the night with ambulances blazing up and down the roads. Police helicopters are also hovering above the slum, the largest in all of East Africa.

photo of security personnel in the area

There are claims that President Kenyatta’s ethnic people, the Kikuyus, are being burnt down in Kibera, although, the police has since blocked journalist access to the area and so we could not independently confirm the report.

Meanwhile, president Uhuru in his acceptance speech, had urged Kenyans to come together and shun violence.

The opposite had rejected the result even before it was announced and declared its intention not to take the case to court but to leave matters in the hands of the Kenyan people.

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