Northern Resources Were Used To Develop Igbo and Yoruba Lands’ – Ango Abdullahi

Prof. Ango Abdullahi

Spokesperson of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) Ango Abdullahi, has revealed that other regions were developed with resources derived from the North.

He made the claim while reacting to the statemens made by the people of the South for saying people of the North were cheating them in the area of resource control.

Speaking in Zaria on Friday, June 9, he said it was the money from the North that was used to construct Nigerian Railways, refineries and other facilities.

The former Vice Chancellor recalled that the tradition had remained during the colonial masters and nothing changed after they left the country.

He said, “These people always pretend that the North is cheating them, not minding the fact that Southern Nigeria was developed by resources from the North.

“Please, look for a book written by Adamu Fika, the Waziri of Fika on Nigeria’s budget before and after independence.

“Each year, up to the time Nigeria gained its independence, none of the two regions was able to provide for itself.

“I mean none of the Western and Eastern regions had the money to effectively run the affairs of its region until they got financial support from the Northern region.

First oil exploration was conducted using money from groundnut pyramid, cotton, hide and skin among other cash crops from Northern Nigeria.

“However, these people tend to forget all these goodies provided by the North towards ensuring the unity and corporate existence of Nigeria.

“They always look down on us, feeling like Northerners are parasites in this country.”

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