Nigeria’s Diversity Is An Inspiration To Many Countries – US

US Embassy in Nigeria, has condemned agitation for break up of Nigeria. The US Ambassador, Mr. Stuart Symington, says those calling for secession in Nigeria will be overcome by Nigerians who support the unity of the country.

Mr. Stuart while speaking at an event held in commemoration of the 241st anniversary of American independence in Abuja yesterday, also pointed out similarities between Nigeria and America.

According to him,  “the first American president, George Washington, had warned that those who seek to weaken a country would always seek to start by causing disunity.

“Just like America, determined people and leaders in Nigeria would ensure that the country remains united. “Every time we have been challenged, we overcame danger because we had visionary leaders committed to union and citizens committed to ensuring justice for all. “Today, Nigeria is fortunate to have such leaders and citizens. Together, they are dedicated to keeping Nigeria united and just and to ensuring every Nigerian is heard and taken into account and treated fairly.

“Together, those Nigerians will overpower any call to divide this nation. “Thanks to them, thanks to you, the lamp of unity and justice burns brightly both in our nations tonight. And the sight of a united Nigeria’s light lifts Africa and with it, the world.”

He also remind Nigeria that the county’s diversity is an inspiration to many countries, noting that Nigeria’s plurality was a source of strength.

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