Nigeria Launched Entrump6

Chief Adebayo Shittu, (left), watching Mr Adeniyi Kolade, designer of Entrump6, during an exhibition in Abuja.

A Nigerian Entreprenuer, MR Adeniyi Kolade has taken entrepreneurial thinking, impact and strategy to a new height with the invention and launching of his latest game and first entrepreneurial board and card game, Entrump6.

Mr Kolade, who is a young entrepreneur with passion for ‘gamifying’ anything and everything, launched his fourth game at the Alexander Brown Hall, University College Hospital, Ibadan Oyo State.

He said during the exhibition that achievements to an entrepreneur can be either in terms of profit or impact, or both as the case may be.

“For the business entrepreneur, the primary goal is to make profit through pursuit of opportunity, while for the social entrepreneur; the primary goal is to make impact through problem solving and value creation.

“Entrump6 is a board and a card game designed to promote entrepreneurial attitude for both impact and profit. It is logically crafted to demonstrate entrepreneurship realities with respect to attributes of, and challenges faced by entrepreneurs within the entrepreneurship ecosystem, and largely, traits exhibited by successful entrepreneurs.

“Support for entrepreneurship is a crucial strategy for national transformation and economic development through problem solving and opportunity finding respectively. Entrump6 is an entrepreneurship-based game designed to project these realities,” Mr Kolade said.

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