Niger Delta Group Demand 100℅ Control Over Oil Before 2019 Or No Election In The Region

A group known we Niger Delta Young Leaders Stakeholders, NDYLS, has backed the call for the restructuring of Nigeria, warning that there would be no oil blocs to allocate and explore, neither would there be General Election in the region come 2019 if the country is not restructured.

Among other issues, the group demanded100 per cent resource ownership, control and management while equally condemning every shade of hate speech in any part of the country.

“Over 60 Niger Delta Young Leaders, including Assembly members, present and former commissioners, Government appointees some private sector players across States of the Niger Delta Region met in Port Harcourt as regards to restructuring of Nigeria, the Niger Delta people have unanimously agreed that restructuring embodies 100% control of their resources.

“The young leader unanimously demand for 100% resource ownership, control and management and the restructuring of the current faulty political and economic architecture of Nigeria which is a source of provocation and they said this must be done before the 2019 general elections or there will be no elections across the region and no exploration of oil blocks.

“The young leaders are determined in their resolve to put aside ethnicity and stand as one Niger-Delta. “We must go back to the round table and discuss the principles of equity and justice and this must take effect from the highest seat of power to the communities which will birth true federalism in a new people’s constitution. As a people united for our future, we must act now. “We also condemn all forms of hate speech emanating from any part of the country.”

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