My Husband Doesn’t Complain, Why Should Anyone Be Bothered – Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson is one of the most successful Noolywood Actress, a wife and a mother.Mercy Johnson’s Family 

The actress had recently wriggled her backside while hosting a Glo Mega concert, in Anambra State. The video of the event went viral and while many of her fans commended her dancing skills, some argued that she shouldn’t have done that considering her status as a married woman.Mercy Johnson dancing on State in Anambra.

Mercy Johnson responded in a chat with Sunday Scoop saying, “I was only having a good time on stage doing my job. I was the host of the show and we have been to differentities thrilling fans. Is it a crime for me to dance on stage because I’m a married woman? I wonder why people like to take things out of context. Anyway my husband is not complaining, so I don’t see why anybody else should be bothered about it.”

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