Moaning During Sex, Criminal Offence – Controversial Ghanaian Lawyer, Maurice

In an interview with Lexis Bill on ‘Behind the Fame on Joy FM, the lawyer expressed disgust at couples moaning during sex. He said he would like the issue criminalised so that people could have coitus silently without disturbing others.
“Why is it that you are having sex and I cannot sleep? In a compound house, they are having sex with you and everybody cannot sleep; you are infringing upon their rights to privacy and you are committing a crime and a wrong to them because you are committing what we call sexual nuisance.
Maurice Ampaw sex
Ghanaian lawyer, Maurice Ampaw
“Everything that makes noise, everything that makes you uncomfortable is a nuisance. There are some girls when they are having sex and you are passing on the streets, you will hear them moaning and screaming.”
“The worst ones are the men, if you are a man and you are having sex too and you are talking and moaning…can’t you control yourself? You should have self-control,” he said.
Still brimming with anger, he asked: “When animals are having sex do you hear them moaning like that?”
The lawyer, who gave examples of his encounters with moaning couples, said it even denied him sleep on one occasion during a a stay at a hotel in Koforidua in Ghana.
He noted that the experience hurt him because he became aroused in the course of enduring the moans from the other room.

“After I had finished with the hard day’s work at 7 o’clock I checked into my room and this guy and this girl came to town to chill … and they came to also rest…
“I was lying down before I could realize, [their] bed [was making noise] and then I woke up, I could not sleep and the girl was giving commentary,” he narrated.
“If you are enjoying, enjoy but don’t come and infringe on [my rights]… We must put a stop to it,” he added.

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