Missing Ugandan High School Student Found Married.

A 17 years old Ugandan High School female Student, identified as  Mary Mutono of Bright Secondary school in Entebbe who has been missing was found married.

Mary Mutono and Paul Sekidde being taken to Police. Photos credited to Vision News.
Herbert Kasubi, the school headmaster said, the student requested permission from the school authorities to go home for Easter weekend on March 29, she never returned since then which prompted the school officials to trace her whereabouts.
“Exams were drawing close yet there seemed no sign of our student’s return, and after several attempts, we managed to contact her mother who all along, thought her daughter was back to school.” Herbert Kasubi  said.
 he couple at sangi police post The couple at Nsangi police post.
After interrogating several of Mutono’s close friends, they revealed the former’s telephone number and possible whereabouts. She was later found with a 19-year-old boyfriend at Nsangi.
When asked why she never returned to school, Mutono revealed that she was four-months pregnant, and thus couldn’t return to school for fear of shame and possible expulsion. Newvision Reported.

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