Meet African Most Fruitful Man With 176 Children, 90 Grand Children, 13 Wives And 10 Concubines

In a report by Ugandan New Vision, a 65-year-old man who has 176 children, 13 wives and 10 girlfriends is calling on the governemnt to help him financially.
A Ugandan man referred to as the ‘most fruitful man in Africa’, Mustafa Magambo Mutone, has cried out to the government for financial support. He is 65 years old, a proud father of 176 children, 90 grandchildren. He have 13 wives and 10 girlfriends. New Vision reports that Mustafa, who is expecting more children, is seeking government’s help in order to train some of his 176 children.
According to the report in Mustapha words, “I have tried to feed my 13 wives and over 170 children and it is not easy. I request the government to at least sponsor 30 of my children in secondary schools and tertiary institutions. ”
Mustafa, is said to be a businessman and a resident of Kyaterekera trading centre in Kagadi district. In a bid to cut down expenses and even make more money while at it, Mustafa who has over 40 children in primary school, is planning to establish his own nursery and primary school. Doing so he believes will cut down expenses and even make more money while at it.
Mustafa number of children will hit 180 towards the end of the year when six of his wives who are pregnant are expected to deliver.
He explained in a recent interview, he is still willing and intending to marry more wives who will bear him more children. This he does instead of smoking and drinking. “Two of my wives who gave birth to twins are in Kampala and Isingiro, working as midwives, while another two — Haniffer Kabasomi and Jane Tuhaise — work as nurses. My youngest wife is 25, and the eldest is 50, but I had about 10 girlfriends before I married officially and they all delivered the same year,” Mustafa said.
“I have seven wives in Kagadi alone. I do not have any challenge of supporting them because some of them support themselves since they work,” Mustafa said.
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