Kim Jong Un impersonator deported from Vietnam ahead of summit

Photo:  Kim lookalike Howard X. Credit: AFP

A Kim Jong Un impersonator was hauled from his lodging Monday ahead of his arranged extradition from Vietnam before the genuine North Korean pioneer meets US President Donald Trump in Hanoi this week.

Howard X touched base around the local area with Trump impersonator Russell White a week ago, arranging a phony summit on the means of Hanoi’s Opera House in the midst of a swarm of press and contracted security protects.

The genuine Trump and Kim will meet for a summit in Hanoi on February 27-28 to expand on their first gathering in June in Singapore which failed to deliver any solid moves to disassemble Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal.

The Kim carbon copy was addressed by Hanoi police on Friday and told he would be put on a plane back to Hong Kong where he lives.

The impersonator was told by Vietnamese authorities his visa was “invalid”, yet said he got no further clarification.

“The genuine reason is I was brought into the world with a face looking like Kim Jong Un, that is the crime,” he told correspondents Monday, getting into a van set out toward the air terminal with three Vietnamese men, not in uniform and who could not be identified.

White will be allowed to remain in the city yet has been told by the authorities to quit showing up in public places.

The Trump doppelganger has been halted on his Hanoi walkabouts by local people and voyagers anxious to snap a selfie with “The Donald”.

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