Kenyans Expressed Disappointment over Raila-Uhuru Meeting.

Kenya opposition leader Raila Odinga in a meeting with President Uhuru Kenyayyatta have agreed to implement a shared objectives programme in an effort to move the country forward. 


President Uhuru and Raila
They have mandated both Ambassador Martin Kimani and Mr Paul Mwangi to oversee the establishment of this programme. An official launch shall be held soon.
The meeting  lasted for two hours, which they outlined ethnic competition, devolution, exclusivity, divisive elections, security and shared prosperity as among the key challenges that Kenyans need to overcome with corrective measures.
The two leaders said the meeting was necessary as they are committed to working together and looking to develop the country for all Kenyans and every effort is made to bridge the acrimony that characterises our political differences. However, many Kenyans expressed disappointment with Raila-Uhuru meeting saying he cannot be part of the looting, injustice and people who were brutally murdered yet to get justice.

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