Kenya Man Grown Female Breast After Having Sex with a Married

A Kenyan man has grown a pair of woman-like breasts after reportedly messing with a marrried woman.

The man who is in his 40’s and whose name is yet to be revealed was warned to stay away from the said woman but he ignored the warning.

On social media where the story was posted, the man reportedly took advantage of the fact that the woman’s husband works out of town.

He had made himself a frequent visitor at the womans home where he would participate in debauchery before heading back home.

He even went ahead to promise the woman that he would snatch her from her husband and elope with her.

That’s when the husband acted. He enlisted the help of a local voodoo-man who transferred a pair of breasts from the mans wife to the victims chest! The man can no longer walk without wearing a bra and he can no longer walk freely since the breasts have milk like a lactating mother’s. In 2016, man from Kitui had suffered the same fate after ravaging a married woman after ignoring a warning. Read more

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