I gave up drinking after our separation – Wutah Kobby

I gave up drinking after our separation – Wutah Kobby.Source: Myjoyonline.com

Wutah Kobby of the music group Wutah has revealed that the separation of the group taught him to give up alcohol for good in order to be in a better shape to perform solo.

Known in real life as Daniel Morris, Kobby said he once had a solo performance but an hour before the end of the stage act, he was panting unusually.

“I told myself, ‘man if this is the life you want to live and perform, and can’t stand for one hour and sing without your brother, then where are you going?’” he recounted.

Kobby disclosed this to Doreen Andoh on the Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy FM Tuesday where the duo related some lessons learned as a result of their break up.

The ‘Kotosa’ hitmakers have put their differences aside to work together again after an eight-year hiatus that occurred as a result of some rumoured internal strife.

The two, however, have picked up a lesson or two from their period of separation and have come back to continue their journey as a duo again.

Apart from giving up alcohol, Kobby mentioned other lessons he had been compelled to learn as an individual.

“First lesson; believe in God and time, then patience. Those are bitter but their fruits are sweet. Musically, I also learnt to play the guitar. I used to play a little bit, but he (Wutah Afriyie) used to play it for the group,” he said.  

He revealed that he had to learn to play on his own to make up for his partner’s absence.

Recounting the lessons he learned, Wutah Afriyie also related that the separation made his stronger to stand on his own and not depend on others to make him happy.

He also believed that in a partnership like theirs, it was important not to give precedence to a third party over your partners.

The duo recently released a first single, AK47, since they got back together under a new management, NKZ music.

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