I Am Ready To Step Down Happily Says South African President Zuma

The South African President, Jacob Zuma has said he’s  ready to hand the over power peacefully to the next incoming ANC president.
Photo President Jacob Zuma

Zuma while speaking to ANC supporters on Sunday during an Oliver Tambo lecture at Kagiso said he will have time to talk frankly to branches.
“I will have time to talk to branches in whatever way I want. I am very happy that I am leaving my position in December.” he said.
He arrived three hours late to the ANC event. He was welcomed by ANC supporters who sang his praises as he arrived. ANC members had on t-shirts before his arrival with the face of presidential hopeful Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.
Booking.comThe turnout at the event, however, was underwhelming as many had to be bused in from other areas along the West Rand.
Some ANC leaders who had spoken at several events that were held in honour of Tambo across the country acted as if they knew him.
“Some used this opportunity to attack the organisation and other leaders. They acted like they knew Tambo, some even said there is no longer a good leadership in the party.”
On his detractors, he hope that after the December elective conference he will have a chance to deal with those who spoke ill of him.
“As a president, I have to uphold the values of the ANC. I have to maintain a certain standard, but after December, when someone insults me, I will have an opportunity to talk back. At conferences, I will be an ordinary delegate like everyone else.”

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