High Court In Kenya has issued arrest warrant against ODM’s Judith Pareno

ODM  National Elections Board Judith Pareno

Nairobi, Kenya: High Court has issued warrant of arrest against ODM National Elections Board chair Judith Pareno for contempt. Justice Jessie Lesit has ordered police to arrest Pareno in 24hours.

Pareno had received summons to appear before Justice Lesit to clarify why action should not be taken against her for disobeying orders in regards to Muhoroni Constituency.

Professor Ayiecho Olueny had disputed the results which showed that the incumbent James Onyango K’oyoo had won. Ayiecho had complained that he did not know the source of results which were used to declare K’oyoo winner. The court thus directed Pareno to ensure that results were tabulated and winner be declared using the totals, an order which the party chose to ignored

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