#EndSARS: Anonymous Threatens To Bring Down Nigerian Database | Objectv Media

A group of hackers, anonymous has vowed to release some hidden informations of the Nigerian Politicians if the government refuses to heed to the people’s demands within 24 hours.

The hactivist said they are doing this in solidarity with the nationwide protest by Nigerians.

The group in a post on its Facebook page said they will be bringing down the country’s database.

“Hello to Nigeria, We are using this platform to send the final warnings as you ignored the Twitter warnings and other cyber attacks launched.

“After series of Warnings, the Nigerian Government has vehemently refused to heed to our warnings and after today we would be releasing classified informations to the public via our tweeter platform.

“We would be bringing down the Data base and shutting down the country in no time, in the quest to support the good people of Western Africa Country Nigeria in the protest against the police Brutality, we are giving an extra 24hrs final warning to the said government, if the needed is not done, then we have no option but to shut down the entire country, already we have sent signals by shutting down and taking over most of the most important Classified platforms.

“This is the final warning.” Anonymous said.

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