Don’t Pay Tithes, Bible Is An Old Jewish Book, Controversial – Nollywood Actor, Niyi Akinmolayan

Conttoversial Noollyeood Director, Niyi has described the  Bible as an Old Jewish Book which humans love analysing, God Does Not Need Tithes.
Mr. Niyi said, God does not need people’s money because humans invented money.
“When I was a teenager my pastor told us if anyone gave us a gift we should find out the price in naira and pay the as tithe.
Director Niyi  “How can God need money when humans invented it? “I don’t know why should I regard ‘Malachi 3 on tithes and disregard ‘Malachi 1’ on sacrifices and ‘Malachi 2’ on divorce.. smh “Africans, if I put up a post for child education in Africa I wouldn’t get anything oh. “See thesis analyzing an old jewish book. “The best religious conversation I’ve ever had was with a babalawo, an educated priest in traditional religion. He didnt have a book to fall on.”

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