Don’t Be Sympathetic With The White Man -Zanu-PF Youths In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean Zanu-PF leader is reportedly invaded a white-owned commercial dairy farm just outside Chinhoyi town on Wednesday, as land seizures spread across the country ahead of next 2018 general elections.

photo Zanu-PF youth protesting

Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, had urged his supporters in June to grab all the few remaining white-owned commercial farms in the countryside to pave way for Zimbabweans who did not have access to land. A new wave of invasions was reported in most parts of the country, including the grabbing of southern Africa’s largest agricultural research institutes, Blackfordy Estates, located just outside the capital Harare.
The latest invasion of Gyppsland Dairy Farm, located just outside the farming town of Chinhoyi in Mashonaland West Province, about 170km west of the capital Harare, has reportedly disturbed dairy production at the property – at a time when the southern African country was facing an acute shortage of milk.
The Zanu-PF youths said they are dividing the land into equal pieces.  We are more than 50 people here and we are dividing this land into equal pieces so that every one of us has somewhere to stay and grow crops. This land is too big for one white man,” said one of the youths who only identified himself as Comrade Admire.
Another youth holding a hoe and pick as he was clearing the land to build a housing structure said their actions were in sync with Mugabe’s directive.

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