Don’t Be Carried Away By The Success Of The May 30th Sit-At-Home Call – APGA To Kanu

According to the leadership of APGA, in a letter to Kanu, signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Mr Ifeatu Obiokoye, and made available to the media in Awka, Anambra State on yesterday, stated that the call was irresponsible and devoid of intellectual focus.Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader

It went on to say that Kanu had no authority to speak for the Igbos of the South-East, although APGA acknowledged him as the leader of IPOB, but that doesn’t make him the leader of Igbos people.

The letter explained that Biafra’s struggle concepts was a metaphor for the demand for equity and fair play in the Nigeria state and not a separatist movement.

Describing “Nnamdi Kanu’s call for a boycott of elections in the South-East, beginning with the governorship polls scheduled for November 18, 2017 in Anambra as irresponsible, irredentist and totally devoid of any focus.

The leader of the party said, “You must appreciate that for different logical reasons and perception, the Biafra concept has attracted favourable comments among our people, ostensibly born out of the marginalisation of Ndigbo in the Nigerian state. While youths of the East are agitating for Biafra, the Arewa youths are equally restive; the same goes for Níger Delta youths and youths from Oduduwa states.”

In this popular agitation for Biafra, Ndigbo have not instituted a separatist movement or a terrorist gang as it were. We are more concerned about the continued existence of Nigeria under the present structural arrangement,” it said.

The Leadership of the Party said that it stood for restructuring and implementation of the 2014 National Conference resolutions “as a certain way to peaceful co-existence among ethnic nationalities and for dousing tension.

“we urged Kanu not to be carried away by the success of the May 30 sit-at-home call, which was attributable to many reasons, including fear.” it says.

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