COP-28 Controversy: Is Nigeria’s 1,411-Person Delegation Too Much?

Yesterday, criticisms arose regarding the large number of delegates that Nigeria sent to the ongoing Conference of the Parties, COP28 climate summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE. This came at a time when the Federal Government was calling for increased sacrifices from the citizenry due to austerity measures.

Despite accounting for only 0.319 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions, Nigeria’s 1,411-delegate representation stands as the joint third largest, trailing behind only the host nation-UAE with 4,409 delegates and Brazil with 3,081. This places Nigeria ahead of Indonesia, Japan, and Turkey in terms of delegation size.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has raised concerns about Nigeria’s delegation size and is demanding a roll call and an account of the costs incurred by the Federal Government delegates. Furthermore, the PDP is urging the National Assembly to investigate this matter.

The Labour Party, LP, and its 2023 Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, condemned the action as wasteful, emphasizing that the Federal Government should focus on cutting the cost of governance instead. During the presidential campaign period, President Bola Tinubu addressed global warming at the Arewa Joint Committee’s forum in Kaduna, stating, “It’s a question of how do you prevent a church rat from eating poisoned holy communion. We need to open our eyes and tell the West that if they don’t guarantee our finances and work with us to stop this, we are not going to comply with their climate change. They will need to take action.”

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