Chinese Couple Sold two month baby for $ 2,682

The baby boy was reportedly put up for auction on social media for $2,682.

Police have arrested a Chinese father who allegedly conspired with his girlfriend and sold their two-month-old toddler to a total stranger they met on WeChat, Chinese version of Whatsapp.

The father, only identified as Mr Zou, and his unnamed lover put up the baby for auction on the social media in form of advertisement. “We were very poor and therefore could not raise the baby.

That is why we decided to sell him off so that someone could take good care of him,” the father claimed.

The poor kid was bought at $2,682, which was reportedly the highest bidding in the extremely bizarre auction. The couple then allegedly used the cash to get themselves brand new phones. Mr Zou disclosed that he bought his girlfriend a phone because she didn’t have any. He also purchased himself a new one because his was already old.

News of the strange transaction quickly spread and the incident caught the attention of the police, who quickly swung into action.

A number of officers were reportedly dispatched to trace the little boy and his parents. “The matter was brought to our attention by people who came across the advert on social media. We traced the young couple and managed to find the father,” says Lai Taotao, officer from Ganzhou station, adding that they also found the baby in a tiny village in Ganzhou.

The baby was found with a woman who initially tried to deny she had bought him. She, however, eventually admitted on further interrogation and after the father confirmed the boy was his.

Poor kid! Dad sells off his 2-month old baby for $2,682 to total stranger so he can buy new phone The man was arrested, though it’s still unclear what action will be taken against the baby’s mother.

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