Build Schools For Your Pregnant Women – Tanzanian President To NGOs

The president of Tanzania, Magufu, has announced that any girl who gets pregnant while in school, should not be allow to to attend classes in the country’s public schools.

He also added that NGOs that are calling for the pregnant female students to be allowed to attend classes should go and build schools for their pregnant women.
Tanzania had announced free education in the country and the president said the government are given free education to students and not parents.

In his words the statement read, “After calculating some few mathematics she’d be asking the teacher in the classroom ‘let me go out and Bosom need my crying baby.'”
The man responsible for the pregnancy is not free either. The president revealed that the boy should be imprisoned for 30 years and put the energy he used to impregnate the girl into farming while in jail.I’m actually laughing right now over the energy and farming part.

Regarding NGOs calling for the Government to allow the pregnant women access to education, this is what the president has to say.
“These NGOs should go out and open schools for parents. But they should not force the government [to take back the pupils].
“I’m giving out free education for students who have really decided to go and study, and now you want me to educate the parents?” 
After getting pregnant, you are done!”

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