Buhuri Should Resign – Alani Akinrinade (retd.)

The former Chief of Army Staff and prominent member of the defunct National Democratic Coalition,  Gen. Alani Akinrinade (retd.), in an interview with Punch Newspaper has called on President Buhari to resign if he is not medically fit to carry on.

He said, “I am sure he and the people around him know that this is not a sentimental issue. If he is too ill to work, then he should leave (the presidency) and go (resign). It’s better for him to resign before his reputation is destroyed or before whatever he has stood for all his life goes up in flames. Nigeria is not going to disappear if he resigns.

I can’t imagine the fact that we have a sick leader and therefore life must stop for more than 170 million people. The issue is too important for somebody to be sentimental about. He has signed on to something he knows is physically demanding. If his health doesn’t give him the strength to do that anymore, he should throw in the towel and tell the people, ‘Sorry, I’m going home. I can’t do this anymore.’ It is not a good idea in the mess the country is, not to have a leader who talks to us almost every week on important issues – to uplift our spirit. That’s what good leaders do all over the world. They uplift the spirit of their people. We’re living in very difficult times. If he cannot have an imprint as a leader, he should just take a walk.”

Akinrinade who described President Muhammadu Buhari as a dutiful individual said, he had served alongside Buhari in the army and Buhari is known to commitment to his official duty at all times. But still called on the president to resign if his health condition is not fit in order  so he doesn’t loose everything he had worked hard for.

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