Bishop Oyedepo Warns FG Against Forcing Islamic Studies On Christian Students

Bishop David Oyedepo is the Founder ans General Overseas of the Living Faith Church Int’l a.k.a Winners Chapel World wide gave the warning  after an emergency meeting of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) in Lagos yesterday.

The Organisation also warned the federal government against the educational policy of removing CRK as a stand-alone subject.

He said this was necessary noting the concerns the controversial introduction of Islamic Studies to schools’ curriculum and the merging of the Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) with other subjects.

He also warned against compelling secondary school students of Christian backgrounds to offer Islamic Studies. Urging the federal government to be mindful of the educational policy.

“The government does not have the right to force any student to study a particular subject. ” Stopping Christian Religion Knowledge in secondary schools meant that it would not be encouraged in tertiary institutions.“You cannot force our students to study Islamic Studies or Arabic Studies,” he said.

The PFN, which is presided over by Rev Felix Omobude, also expressed concerns about the development.

“We PFN is concerned at the contention and controversy that have attended the revised Basic Education Curriculum, especially the unnecessary collapse of Christian Religious Studies as part of an omnibus subject known as Religion and National Values. “We note the explanation by the NERDC on some of the issues raised. “However, the PFN maintains that whatever the case, there is really no need nor is there any justification for the needless confusion and uncertainty the NERDC has created which has opened up the implementation of the curriculum to the whims and caprices of people with vested interests who want to impose their religious preferences on pupils.”

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