A 51 Year-Old man in Zimbabwe Dragged to Court by two Wives for Cheating

A 51-year-old polygamist under Headman Matau of Hurungwe has been dragged to the traditional court by his two wives over a leaked se xtape recording of his intimate moments with a widowed neighbour.

Danger Kamuto of Shavireshungwa’s two wives wanted Headman Matau (Mr Ephraim Katemanyoka) to reprimand their husband. He pleaded guilty last Monday and promised to pay a beast as compensation to his in-laws.

However, Kamuto’s alleged lover denied the allegations and challenged the women to produce the storage card device (memory card) in court. It was said that sometime in April this year, Kamuto’s Grade Six son asked for a memory card from his father because he wanted to play music as he herded cattle with his friends. The music was interrupted by a conversation with familiar voices. The herdboys quarrelled over the identities of the people with “groaning voices”.
The boy took the memory card to his mother who identified the voices and she handed over the recording to the first wife, who also identified Kamoto and the neighbour.

The two wives then pleaded with the traditional court to reprimand Kamoto and order him to be “readily available to his women”.

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