28 Years Old Kenyan Lady Stranded In Dubai Over Hospital Bill

Jedidah,  a 28-year-old kenyan woman allegedly  went to Dubai in February 2017 under a one month visit visa while four months pregnant is currently stranded over failured to pay hospital bill for her maternity.
Photo Jedidah with her new baby

Kenya had it with neighbouring country Tanzania over cows and chickens and now it’s looks like “do me, I do you.” Recalled that a British Lady is currently in Detaintion in a Kenyan’s Hospital over hospital bill, this  seems to be same measure back to Kenyan as a  mum with a child stranded in Dubai after failing to clear a maternity bill of around $4,000
She told by Gulf News Express newspaper that she failed to secure a job and in no time was nine months pregnant.
“I was four months pregnant at the time but separated from my husband. I wanted to get away from my circumstances back home, so I came here hoping to find employment. But that was not to be as I am still jobless and in a complete mess.
“I still do not have my passport. My baby girl is already three months old and has not had her vaccination shots since I don’t have any money.
“I cannot go back to Kenya until I clear my hospital dues and get my passport back.” She explained to  Gulf News

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